Jan 6, 2016
  1. Listened to Legend by Drake exclusively
    To pump myself up and such ja feel?
  2. Got a Skype from a coworker in the Canada office that said "Hi Kaitlyn" and it was never followed up with anything else
    I responded "Hello!" After considering: "what are we?" "Hello from the other side" and "new Skype who dis"
  3. Complained aloud about an office-wide memo using two different fonts
    Then one of my coworkers made me (just me) a new one in chart form bc I'm a bitch and a half.
  4. Wore a turtleneck
    My favorite type of neck tbh
  5. Discussed The Bachelor with a coworker until two other coworkers said "um we're trying to work"
  6. Had a client call me "my love" three times in one phone call
    Yikes but also ~ f l a t t e r e d ~
  7. Going to see Sisters again
    Gonna swoon over Ike. Also sneaking in popcorn and haribo bears ✌🏻️
  8. Byyeeeeee. I've got a lotta livin' to do