Things I've never posted- in fear of seeming too shallow instead of a charming amount of shallow.
  1. Freaks me out how often I find myself identifying with Selena Gomez lyrics.
  2. Halfway ashamed to admit I would pretty much buy anything Zac Efron is selling.
  3. I wonder if Jimmy & JT think "the internet will love this" every time they hang out.
  4. Sitting next to middle-aged women reading their texts aloud to each other and complaining about the prices of boutique cupcakes. Worried this could be my future.
  5. There aren't enough Instagram videos of John Mayer singing little diddies if you ask me.
  6. I forgot how much I loved the Hilary Swank discussion in the Office.
  7. Forever almost crashing my car into curbs while scouting out flowers to come back and snip under the cover of nightfall.
  8. Dare I say I'm kinda over Lauren Conrad.
  9. Is it impossible to find a straight male interested in the lives of the Real Housewives?