Day 2 of trying to be better
  1. Tried to give people the benefit of the doubt
    This one is really hard for me but I'm trying
  2. Walked the dog in the dark alone
    I usually am scared doing this but my knee hurt and I needed exercise
  3. Tried to offer my friends my Fitbit at a discounted price
    Ultimately I just returned it but hey, thought I'd ask
  4. Ate a more plant based diet
    Not vegan or anything but trying to be a more conscious individual
  5. Started looking through my LSAT book
    My dream of Elle Woods maybe can be a reality
  6. Cooked for my family
    Whether they wanted it or not
  7. Didn't leave work early
  8. Bought someone a birthday gift without expecting anything in return
    I love gifting people things, it's a secret hobby of mine
  9. Stopped myself from always interrupting my friend
    I talk non stop but I am trying to let myself find my mute button more
  10. Said excuse me and smiled at people in the grocery store
    A place where I'm often hangry and cranky