In no particular order....
  1. Gilmore Guys
    Because I've been watching GG since high school and it's been delightful to watch Kevin and Demi grow with the snow.
  2. Who Charted
    Howard and @kulap together? What's not to like?
  3. Call Your Girlfriend
    @aminatou and Ann are brilliant and wonderful and this podcast is a joyful Friday after work treat.
  4. Reply All
    The Internet is super weird and these guys are great and finding the craziest, most interesting stories out there (the recentish Comcast episode is a personal favorite).
  5. Comedy Bang Bang
    Is any explanation needed for this?
  6. U Talkin U2 To Me
    Still couldn't care less about U2 but this podcast is gold. The "Is this U2?" game with Todd Glass makes me laugh every time.
  7. High and Mighty
    Jon Gabrus is hysterical and has managed to keep even topics I could not care less about fun and interesting.
  8. Pop Rocket
    Great pop culture podcast with a lot of diverse voices every week.
  9. Call Chelsea Peretti
    Totally bizarre, in the best sense of the word.
  10. Ronna and Beverly
    Just delightful. Unlike anything else.
  11. Womp It Up
    Everything that @lennonparham and Jessica St. Clair touch is gold.