1. Once you get this one you'll be hooked
    In reference to tattoos, not drugs. Although drugs would be funnier.
  2. RT
    Sent from a group chat. Someone said something and the other person put "RT" as in "retweet" as in "I second that" as in my friends are retarded
  3. The old Tabu Tattoo? That's where I went!
    My mom sent this to me after I told her about my tattoo. This was a normal response for her. A not normal but also completely normal response to hearing your daughter get a tattoo would be "WHAT?!". But sadly no I was graced with a cool mom.
  4. Somber
    I babysat for someone who was going to a coldplay concert. I texted them asking how awesome it was and this was the one word response. They came back completely shit faced so I don't know what happened in between.
  5. Oh shit you got one?!?