1. The Injury
    The entire episode is 100% ridiculous and magic. "I have country crock" will always be my favorite line of that episode. Also, who knew Dwight's middle name was Danger.
  2. Beach Games
    Ok yes, this episode is heavily Pam related towards the end, but hearing Jim chant "Voldemort" is so wonderful. Also Creed coming out of the water with a dead fish "no one told me we were having hot dogs!"
  3. Threat Level Midnight
    The greatest waste of time there ever was. "I'm gonna hump her real good". Clean up on aisle 5.
  4. The Fire
    Unbelievably well written and incredibly witty. No one will ever make a cheesy pita. "Ryan started the fire"
  5. Stress Relief
  6. The Dundies
    "I feel God in this Chili's tonight"
  7. Andy's Play
    Fucking Sweeny Todd. The cold open is completely genius.
  8. Diwali
    I love this episode so much. It delves into Michael's romantic(ish) ideas of love, plus @bjnovak is fucking gold as the boyfriend who really doesn't want to be in a relationship. Plus Roopa, Neepa and Tiffany stole the episode.