closed my eyes and just picked on.... my strategy with men as well
  1. found this pic of @Ders808 on Twitter and sent it to my best friend because we love him #dad
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  2. typical family pic in front of the universal studios globe.
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  3. beautiful pic of the majestic taylor swift soaring over the unworthy crowd of people at staples center
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  4. sent this to my friend that i #burned
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  5. my mom asked me what im dressing as for halloween. i said "as john krasinski as jim halpert as dave"
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  6. my attempt at a halloween costume, with my sister as louise from bobs burgers peeping out the cut.
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  7. because you can never have enough niall horan
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  8. me and my cute friends at my sisters bat mitzvah photo booth. we drank from the bar even though none of us were 21 yet
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  9. front row at the mumford and sons concert at the forum in LA. the most amazing night of my life and this guy who looked like jamie dornan was standing next to me so i was #enjoyingit
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  10. my dad discovered the snapchat effects. the first thing he said was "oh my god it's a double rainbow! so beautiful" -in reference to the widely popular circa '09 YouTube video about the man who witnesses a double rainbow and cries.
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