Despite not being a huge fan of dressing up, I have had some epic costumes
  1. Clown
    Age 0-2?
  2. Firefighter (dressed up by my bro)
    Age 3
  3. Pocahontas
    Age 7, I was a brat about this one, I wanted it to look like the store bought one, but the one my mom made was actually super epic!
  4. Poodle Skirt girl
    Age 9? Is there an official name? Cause I don't know what it is.
  5. Pirate (hooker)
    My costume game peaked in high school. Another homemade creation with laced up sleeves that took my awesome pirate costume into the slightly hookerish territory. My favorite one by far.
  6. Skunk
    Yes. A skunk. In high school. And not the slutty furry animal kind. Like full on onesie with tail. I was way ahead of the onesie trend.
  7. Abby from NCIS
    My favorite of my college days.