It's been an interesting road to being the reader I am today
  1. I loved reading as a kid. LOVED IT.
  2. My childhood favorites included: Puppy Sister, the Pony Pals, Henry and Mudge
  3. The first book that I remember that blew my mind: The Giver
  4. I grew up with Harry Potter. Started reading it in the 4th grade, the last book came out as I finished high school.
  5. In high school the first book I picked to read for a book report: the color purple. I've always wanted to read "the classics" whatever those were. But this book was heavy and amazing and probably beyond my capacity at that point, but oh man did it show me the power of the written word.
  6. In Seventeen magazine, Laura Bush wrote a list of 25 books to read before turning 25. I instantly knew I wanted to do it.
  7. I read a lot through high school, my teachers were pretty good at having us read amazing books. I started my love affair with Greek and Roman classics then (Antigone, Oedipus Rex and the Odyssey)
  8. College came. Very very little reading for fun. Not because I didn't have time, but because if I avoided reading my books for class how could I read for pleasure? Which bummed me out.
  9. I wasted part of my life reading the twilight saga and fifty shades of grey. I'll never get that time back.
  10. Once I graduated college I revisited leisurely reading. And when I turned 22, I made my first age related reading goal to read 23 books before I turned 23. (I didn't make it, or the 24th and 25th goals) but I did steadily increase my reading!
  11. And now I just completed reading 45 books in the last year. Woo!
  12. I've adopted a very zen approach with whatever books I read next. Whatever is waiting for me from my library requests is next to read. Sadly some of the books I own are low on the reading list only because there are books that need to be returned from the library!
  13. So many wonderful books to read. So little time.