5 photos on my phone, chosen at random

  1. I mean...how could you not take a picture of this?!
  2. This is a screenshot I sent to my best friend from google because I wanted to learn how to do ombré lipstick. Still have no clue how! Tips appreciated!
  3. This is my boyfriend holding up a painting while we were decorating our house (just for size, it obviously clashes horribly with that wall). It looks like he is Jesus bearing a terrible abstract art cross.
  4. Me on a swing at sunset, sans pants. (The hike up to this swing made me so hot that I declared halfway that I was taking my pants off as soon as we got up there).
  5. Bad quality photo of one of my best friends at her wedding, pregnant and swinging a bat at a zebra piñata wearing a cowboy hat. She's a badass.