1. My parents will die
    I know death is a thing in general, just...not for them
  2. Baby carrots are carved out of regular size carrots
    Pretttttyyyy sure they just grow that way, guys.
  3. I may be lactose intolerant
    What, because I have a hard time digesting dairy?? That could mean ANYTHING.
  4. People actually believe the holocaust didn't happen
    Actually, if you know someone like this, please introduce them to me. I have SO many questions! I mean, the amount of time and effort they are suggesting is just preposterous.
  5. All reality TV shows are scripted
    Some of them just feel so real! I think those jersey shore kids really loved each other.
  6. I will one day be an old lady whose children and grandchildren make fun of the way she talks about pop culture
    It's just that I'm so hip and in tune now so, like...when does that transition happen?
  7. Any statistics about wealth disparity
    Mind blowing. Not in a good way.
  8. We could realistically have a Trump presidency
    I've already spent serious time googling logistics of a move to Canada
  9. If I cut out alcohol and sugar from my diet I would look and feel great
    But...those are the best things?