It's 3am.... [i must be lonely] [i can't help but be scared of it all sometimes].... It really is 3am though
  1. Afraid I won't be successful
    as I continue to list instead of write my essay due tomorrow or study for my anatomy test in 6 hours
  2. Afraid I won't be happy
    Linked to first, if I'm not successful will I be happy? Will I be mad at myself? Will I forgive myself?
  3. Afraid I won't find the right person
    Or pass them by. Or lost them already. 3 am I literally must be lonely
  4. Afraid I'm not choosing the right career
    Constant anxiety with this one, physical therapy major but should totally be doing something else (writing/fashion/design/absolutelynoidea)
  5. Afraid I'll disappoint my parents
    They see me as the "smart one", I'm totally not though.
  6. Afraid I will become homeless
    Very unlikely, but also a very irrational fear of mine. One of my greatest fears for years now, can't seem to get over it.
  7. Afraid my fears will consume me
    Will they ever go away? Or will they just change based on my life and continue to haunt me?