oh the memories
  1. There was this guy Matthew I liked from 5th grade to 7th grade
  2. He liked me too and we would buy each other gifts for holidays: Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc.
  3. We only talked at school because we didn't have cellphones yet
  4. It was chill, we were both innocent and shy and I think probably only ever held hands once
  5. Then 8th grade rolled around and I wasn't feeling it anymore
  6. Nothing dramatic just felt I needed to get out there more, so I just stopped talking to him
  7. One day he sent me a message out of the blue saying "can we still be friends"
    We had phones by then
  8. I wanted to pretend like I didn't know what he was talking about and as if I had done nothing wrong but I just responded "of course"
  9. A week later or so in gym class I told my two friends Carla and James that I liked someone else now
  10. His name was Peter
  11. They both were very supportive and agreed that was a good choice
  12. Nothing ever happened with Peter, never even talked...
  13. ... Because a week later (Oct. 2nd) during a football game James asked me to be his girlfriend!?!?
  14. Naturally I said yes and we walked back to the stands holding hands to finish watching the rest of the game
  15. How does this make any sense at all?
    It doesn't.
  16. I had just told him how I now liked Peter, so his instinct is to ask me out?!? And I say yes!?!
  17. We never really talked much in person not like real conversations anymore
  18. We would just text
    "Hey" "what's up" "nm, you?" "just chilling" "cool"
  19. We only dated for two months
  20. And it ended because he hugged some other girl and thought I was mad about it
  21. I was actually totally cool with it and it didn't bother me but I figured it was time to end things, so I did
  22. Moral of the story: middle schoolers are weird and nothing makes sense