I recently started working out. It was a mistake.
  1. this isn't so bad...let's set that incline at "4"
  2. I feel like I can at least handle 2.5 mph
  3. hmm...maybe 3 mph?
  4. five minutes in...I'm doing ok...
  5. I'm already sweater than expected...time to drink water
  6. I forgot my water
  7. ten minutes in...I've never actually been able to feel my blood before
  8. maybe I should look to see how everyone else is doing...
  9. everyone else is running 70 mph and glistening like sweaty, fit gods
  10. I fucking hate this
  11. I would like a cheeseburger
  12. how many calories are in a cheeseburger?
  13. Oh, I'm at 3/4 of a mile...this isn't too awful and
  15. FUCK
  16. MY KNEE
  17. I'm off I'm off I'm off
  18. how many calories are in 4 cheeseburgers?