In the spirit of February
  1. Hustle Stone Planner / Notebook
    The paper is made from stones, without water and (obviously) without trees. AND the pages are waterproof. AND it's beautiful. I made everyone at work touch the pages of mine.
  2. Any Sephora Lip Gift Set
    Who would ever buy themselves a pack of 7-15 miniature lip colors? Especially one in very conspicuous gift set packaging? But, hence the packaging, they do make a great gift. I never would've discovered the value of a great pink lip without this gift.
  3. Homesick candle
    Again, I'm not sure who would buy this for themselves. I know a candle sounds corny, but a candle for a homesick friend with his or her state on it, that's just downright thoughtful. I cried when I got mine.
  4. Sheet Masks (Set of 5)
    One for every weekday, or one a week for over a month! Self-care is sexy. And even though my face with a sheet mask on it is not, I still pine for them as gifts.