In defense of the spontaneous buy
  1. Evian Facial Spray ($7)
    Bought at Laguardia during a 4-hour delay. Was I bored? Yes. But was my face also dry? Yes. It's travel sized. It comes out in a hair-spray fine mist that leaves you refreshed and not wet. It's worth it.
  2. Sephora Eye Masks ($5)
    Bought after learning that someone famous and shameless wears face masks on a plane. After a not-so-shameless use of a full-sized sheet mask one flight, I bought these. Cheaper, more discreet, and available with a range of concerns, they've picked me up during descent.
  3. Oil Essentials "Revitalize" ($10.99)
    Bought hastily in a dry skin emergency prior to a cross-country flight. Bought for the skin, keeping for hair. Use to smooth flyaways, soften ends, etc. Also nice for under eyes and cuticles and aromatherapy.
  4. Sally Hansen Cuticle Rehab ($7.99)
    Bought after using a friend's during a particularly anxious cuticle-ripping stint. Keeps cuticles moisturized and keeps your mouth away from them. Lasts forever.
  5. Target Eye-Mask ($1)
    Bought in the dollar section for no reason at all aside from its endearing attempt at resembling Breakfast At Tiffany's. I don't mind if I lose it, since it was $1, and I don't mind if people stare, since it helps me sleep.
  6. Eucerin Aquaphor Mini Tube ($4.99)
    Technically stolen from my boyfriend's roommate because it's so small I couldn't not. It's Eucerin, it's Aquaphor, it's mini, it's moisturizing. Apply wherever, whenever.