Reasoning it as the best burger.
  1. Classic Sesame Bun
    Not to be argued with or underestimated, neither from an aesthetic nor taste perspective.
  2. Chopped Onion and Pickle SPREAD
    No toppings have ever slid unexpectedly out of this burger only to hang out of my mouth because they are diced together - partially, I assume, to avoid this burger-mishap.
  3. Saltiness
    What any sane, red-blooded American craves. Just enough for your mouth to water just before your first bite.
  4. Secret Sauce
    Not much to say here because it's a secret. A delicious compliment to the onion and pickle duo, though.
  5. Straightforwardness.
    There are those who will argue for other burgers, perhaps of other Brooklyn establishments that also may have closed recently, but this isn't trying to be anybody else's burger. Nothing fancy. Just a perfected version of an American standard, the dine-in answer to the fast food staple.