From a former "New Yorker" 😏
  1. Why wasn't anyone mad about that rain on Sunday?
  2. What's up with the sushi here? Why doesn't it taste like chilled garbage?
  3. Why did that Target employee just happily lead me to the exact product I was looking for?
  4. Why are people offering me, an able bodied female holding a large bag and reading a book, a seat on the train?
  5. How do people stay fit without constantly fretting over making time for the gym between happy hour and dollar slice binge episodes?
  6. Similarly, why is no one pledging allegiance to Atkins or South Beach or fasting to make up for said binging?
  7. What is it about driving that everyone's so okay with?
  8. How do the Starbucks baristas actually know people's orders like the brand says they should?
  9. What are you smiling at?