Random Sketches From a College Student's Notebook

I should really start listening more in class. To be fair though, I don't even realize that I'm actually sketching these most of the time. Having said that, enjoy my sketches!
  1. I call this one Four-Legged Jenkins
  2. Not sure what this one is but I'm pretty sure I was inspired by The Walking Dead
  3. I draw a lot of animals too
    Here's a sleep deprived cat with his hands and neck crawling up from the ground
  4. Probably the most normal sketch on my notebook
  5. This one might be a robot... or a peacock I don't know ok
  6. Not sure what this is
    Could be a chicken and a dragon
  7. And then the dragon turned into this badass version on the next page
  8. Narcos wasn't out yet then but this one look like Pablo Escobar tbh
  9. Poor old 8-legged Japanese man with a circular body couldn't crawl out the hole
    That V neck tho
  10. An Old Man Pinching a Grinning Cat's Bottom
  11. Looks like an anime version of Four-Legged Jenkins
  12. Yes that's a whale
  13. Sometimes I think I'm Picasso
  14. But then other times I realized.... noooo
  15. Pretty sure that's Fischer
  16. Sometimes I'm creepy
  17. Like super fucking creepy
  18. Yes his eye is a sushi. I think this is supposed to be a sushi sketch at first.
  19. And this is why my GPA is plummeting down each semester