1. Woke up at 6 am thinking it was 8
  2. Actually woke up at 8 to close my windows bc the construction going on outside my apartment was going ham
  3. Woke up again at 8:37 feeling satisfied bc my alarm was set at 8:45
  4. Went for class at 10 till 4 all excited because I get to go home after I'm done with my classes
  5. Sat at LA traffic for 20 minutes
  6. Watched The Voice at my apartment to avoid LA traffic
  7. Mourned bc my favorite contestant (Evan Mckeel) went home
  8. Took a nap till 7:30pm, woke up feeling hungry and then realized I only had cucumber avocado sushi for lunch
  9. Walked to Mendocino Farm to eat some (supposedly) bomb sandwiches
  10. And now I'm waiting for my (supposedly) bomb sandwich while writing this list
  11. Ok it was bomb.
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