Birthdays throughout the years...
  1. 3rd
    Mickey Mouse party--decor, cookies, cake, everything Mickey
  2. 10th
    Burger King playground party--friends came, we ran around in the play place when this was an actual thing that people did...
  3. 11th-13th
    Friends and family at my Gram's house for dinner and gifts; friends came over for sleepovers and movies
  4. 16th
    Sweet 16--a whole mess of people at Cici's Pizza, then went to the dollar movies to watch the longest movie there, King Kong. The whole theatre sang me Happy Birthday, and I was totally embarrassed for some odd reason.
  5. 18th
    Family and friends party at my Aunt's house. Friends were late; family thought I was lame.
  6. 19th
    Best birthday: Camping weekend with 17 new college friends, dinner at Chili's, and actual birthday dinner with my girls.
  7. 20th
    Cheesecake Factory dinner where I felt bad about myself the whole time.
  8. 21st
    Thought all my friends didn't want to celebrate, but they planned a surprise dinner with my family behind my back. Lots of friends. My yard got forked with a big "21" and I didn't see it until I stepped on them.
  9. 22nd
    Cheesecake Factory where my roommates talked about how they felt bad that we skipped another friend's party to celebrate my birthday. Fun. Actual day: friends baked a cake and decorated my kitchen while I took an insane online final test.
  10. 23rd
    Hanging out with family.
  11. 24th
    Family--nothing very exciting.
  12. 25th
    Cheesecake Factory with family and best friend. Shopping ensued.