I watch too much television, y'all. (In order of when I watch throughout the week)
  1. Dancing with the Stars
    Guilty pleasure: who doesn't think that Bindi Irwin is completely adorable?
  2. The Mindy Project
    @mindy is the best.
  3. The Flash
    Just caught up thanks to Netflix; sometimes I watch later on Hulu.
  4. Marvel's Agents of SHIELD
    One of my current favorites. Really has become better since season 1.
  5. Empire
    Need I say more?
  6. The Blacklist
    Thought it looked overrated until I gave it the old Netflix try. Really interesting.
  7. Scandal
    Mostly watching it on the weekends, courtesy of Hulu. Not as awesome as it used to be.
  8. How to Get Away with Murder
    Viola Davis is amazing. Shondaland's got me hooked on this one.
  9. Streaming shows
    Master of None, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and more.
  10. Netflix reruns of The Office & Parks and Recreation
    I've watched every episode of these two shows too many times to count. Still love 'em.