Life as an Air Force Brat
  1. Iraklion, Crete
    I was an infant so I don't really remember much
  2. Cheyenne, WY
  3. Londonderry, NH
  4. Alexandria, VA
    Kindergarten through 3rd grade
  5. Montgomery, AL
    4th through 7th grade
  6. Valdosta, GA
    8th and 9th grade
  7. Zweibruecken, Germany
    10th and 11th grade
  8. Sumter, SC
    Yay for starting senior year at a new school!
  9. Henderson, NV
    Actually only lived here summers and holidays during college
  10. Clemson, SC
    College - Go Tigers!
  11. Alexandria, VA (again)
    Got engaged, moved to where my fiancé lived at the time, got married
  12. Burtonsville, MD
    Had a baby
  13. Kingston, NY
    Moved here to be near husbands family
  14. Bloomington, NY
    Moved to the 'burbs of Kingston. Had another baby. Still here...