I have a little sister and a baby brother, 9 and 11 years younger, respectively, both born after 2000.
  1. They are better than you at technology
    I consider myself the tech guru of my household, but for the life of me I could NOT figure out how to turn on that GD XBox360 without little bro's help
  2. They know way too much internet slang, so nothing goes over their heads anymore
    I have caught them secret laughing at all my "stupid AF" remarks 😳
  3. They insist upon you explaining things that DO go over their heads
    I had the fun experience of defining the lyric "aging nymphomaniacs" from The Producers to the littlest.
  4. They make you feel hella old, constantly
    Like they'd never heard Wonderwall.
  5. They make you feel hilarious and special and awesome and cool and like you never have to have kids because they are yours. Basically, they're the best.
    Anytime I need a pick-me-up, a good (read: bad) joke sent their way will certainly cause infinite laughter