Things I'm Learning to Do at 34

(Or do better)
  1. Read
    After I finished my reading intensive B.A. eons ago, I dreaded picking up a book again. Marrying a librarian helped remedy that. Reading is the shit.
  2. Make a plan
    I've always been very reactionary. A buddy of mine and I had lunch not long ago. He asked what my 3 year plan was and I replied, "What?" I realized that I'd spent TOO much time in the now. Set goals. Be awesome.
  3. Filter out bullshit
    That goes for people. If something/someone is causing continual stress in my life, it's gone. Facebook, family, hobbies... nothing is exempt from the guillotine.
  4. Dream bigger
    It's really easy, by 34, to find yourself in a rut repeating the same actions over and over again, especially if you've moved to a small town for work, as I have. Anything can be temporary. If the city makes you feel better, find a way to get back to it. Make music. Art. Be the best you.
  5. Be unapologetically me
    I spent my twenties in a haze of awesomely terrible decision making. At 34, I finally realize it is part of life, I am not special, and it's ok to just move on and make awesome decisions, period. Don't apologize for being you. Apologize to yourself every time you are pressured into not.