1. My husband and a moose
  2. This headline of the week
    I ❤️ the UK
  3. A picture from the gasp-inducing Jaume Plensa sculpture exhibit in Venice, Italy
  4. A shameless selfie from Jotunheimen National Park in Norway
  5. A decapitated, bloodless pigeon I found on the deserted Rue Tallyrand in Paris
    I still wonder about this crime. Who did this to you, pigeon? A cat? A man? A child sure to one day be diagnosed as a sociopath? Did you cross them? Was someone using you to send a message to their ex-lover? I'll never know. RIP, my feathered friend.
  6. This is a real place
    I casually sauntered around eating free cheese samples, occasionally picking up an expensive jar of mustard or cow-shaped cheese knife like I was actually considering buying something
  7. A hair-curling contraption I drew & wish existed
    I'm calling it "The Hair-to-pus"
  8. A screenshot that I sent to my sister @lael that still makes me laugh outloud
  9. My tiny, adorable nephew in a tiny, adorable Italian summer suit
    All the squees
  10. Doing my best Cousin It impression in Copenhagen