This has been my favorite list to write. If there's something I feel particularly knowledgable about, it's places to drink in the ADKs. The pictures are intended to show you how much fun it is possible to have at each of these places. Thank you @rachelleigh for this request and also let's go upstate ASAP.
  1. North Beach Park, Burlington VT
    It will only let me tag the dog park, but this place is for humans and also happens to be my favorite place in the entire planet. On a beautiful Adirondack day (okay, Burlington is JUST outside the ADK park technically, but also chill out), there is truly no better place to fill a Nalgene with two Raspberry Twisted Teas, float in the water, and get blissfully drunk, tan, and happy.
  2. Flanagan's Bar & Grill, Schroon Lake
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    Tagged Stewart's, the greatest gas station/ice cream shop/convenience store chain there ever was and ever will be, because this place is so legit and towny that there's no geotag. Spend the day drinking at the Schroon Lake beach, head to Flanny's for dinner, stay for the cheap beer and jukebox. Pictured is @rachelleigh's 20th birthday, an unreal night and an unreal place.
  3. Duffy's Tavern, Lake George
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    Have I called any bar "the best" yet? Oh, all of them? Duffy's is the gold standard. The downstairs is best for grabbing a bite (the food here is not a joke), and the upstairs is exactly how you want to spend a summer day drinking: there's a huge deck that always features a live band and overlooks Lake George, and an indoor area with lots of dance floor space for another live band once it gets dark.
  4. Find a pontoon boat rental place on any lake in the region.
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    If you ask me what single day of my life I'd like to relive, it would easily be the first time I went pontooning, back in 2009. Puttered around Lake Luzerne for 3 hours, getting tan and drunk with 10 summer buddies, playing drinking games that haven't been as fun since.
  5. WiseGuys, Lake Placid
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    WiseGuys is literally whatever you want it to be. Wanna do karaoke? A stage will appear (I'm actually not kidding, this happened once). There are pool tables, booths, tables, a dance floor, many stalls in the women's room (this is a very important factor, lines for the ladies' room can be the worst), and the bar is nice and long. WiseGuys is just the best. Pictured is a very young and very drunk me, with an equally drunk friend.
  6. Mirror Lake Park
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    You're brown baggin' it here, but it's a beautiful, sunny, grassy park on the shore of Mirror Lake in the heart of the Lake Placid village, so you're doing OK.
  7. Neptune's, Lake George
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    If you wake up in Lake George and need to get drinking right away, and you don't feel like the beach, head immediately to Neptune's. Right on the water, it is the ideal spot to post up for a whole day. Eat and drink on the deck that's right off the lake and don't even worry if you suddenly realize you've been there six hours.
  8. Blue Line Brewery, Saranac Lake
    Spending time in Lake Placid? Go to Blue Line Brewery, a 20ish minute ride away at the beautiful Saranac Lake. It's a fairly new venture, but the pizza is delicious and you can feel good supporting a local brewery. I'm not ragging on Bud Light, but you can take a break from watered down beer for this, it's worth it.
  9. Druthers Brewing Company, Saratoga
    Full disclaimer: it is so crowded when it's nice out that I actually haven't day drank here. But I dream.
  10. Roomer's
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    Great little dancing bar across from the Northwoods Inn. I can't call it a nightclub, even though the name is technically Roomer's Nightclub. This is a great spot - cheap drinks, basement bar, whole place is a dance floor. Come here with a bunch of friends and this is the best way to end a night in Lake Placid.
  11. Gaffney's
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    Just recently visited this spot after a concert at SPAC. Just realized I was going to leave SPAC off the list and that'd be an oversight; if you don't know what SPAC is, see below. Anyway, we went to Gaffney's after the concert and it was awesome. Huge bar with an even bigger patio. I'm a huge fan of bars you can easily sit at, and the patio is so big that even though it gets crowded, you can probably find a spot to post up. A+. PS this picture features my cute friends, @rachelleigh and @ncalifano
  12. Saratoga Performing Arts Center
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    Saratoga Performing Arts Center, or SPAC, is just about the greatest place to see a concert. Google it. It holds up. Big names come through every summer, and this really is a place with no bad seat. Get lawn tickets and spend time with your fellow humans. Bonus points if you sneak your own beers in. Double bonus points if you're a lady who uses the men's room (never any lines!!) and you don't get caught.