I did not intend for this list to be this long (even with some tough cuts), but putting television & drinking together really opened something up inside me.
  1. Emily Gilmore, Gilmore Girls
    Location: Somewhere very nice but understated. Conversation: Some light gossip about some of the girls from DAR, followed by some not-so-subtle prying into my love life.
  2. Shirley Bennett, Community
    Location: A "fun" bar she heard about that is really more of a restaurant. Conversation: Shameless gossip for hours, followed by many affirmations of our friendship.
  3. CJ Cregg, The West Wing
    Location: A low-key, dimly lit, dive-ish bar just outside the Hill. Conversation: Masked allusions to the stresses of her job as I buy her drink after drink in order to (a) ask if she and Toby ever had a side-thing, and (b) get her to do The Jackal.
  4. Michael Scott, The Office
    Location: Chili's. Conversation: Light debate about the *best* Meryl Streep movies over our Awesome Blossom.
  5. Sally Draper, Mad Men
    Location: East Village bar that doesn't card. Conversation: None. I ask her questions about school and her parents; she gives one-word replies. I do not push. We sit in ultra cool silence most of the time, brooding and slowly sipping our cocktails.
  6. Roz Doyle, Frasier
    Location: Bar w/ great a Happy Hour, on karaoke night. Conversation: Men & casual catching up, followed by heavier drinking and a duet of "Flashdance...What a Feeling" that makes us many friends.
  7. Phoebe Buffay, Friends
    Location: Boozy brunch. Conversation: Fun anecdotes from her checkered past plus table games, like 20 Questions.
  8. Jenna Maroney, 30 Rock
    Location: Canal Yards Project. Conversation: She blissfully chatters about herself as I sit in silence, and we get impressively hammered.
  9. Lucille Bluth, Arrested Development
    Location: the Club. Conversation: I join the *innocent* ribbing of her family members as she laughs, approvingly: "Isn't it fun to talk like this?!" She suspects I will say anything to win her over, but we are having so much fun and she doesn't care.
  10. Karen Walker, Will & Grace
    Location: A very expensive and ultra-trendy lounge. Conversation: Inside jokes and drunken, dirty banter.
  11. Tami Taylor, Friday Night Lights
    Location: Her living room. Conversation: The husband, the kids, the job, as we polish off the first two bottles of wine, then we spend bottle three giggling like girls at a sleepover, until Coach gets home and I know I should walk next door to my own house (because if I get to imaginarily drink w/ TT, I get to live next door).
  12. Felicity Porter & Joey Potter, Felicity & Dawson's Creek
    Location: Epstein Bar or The Ice House. Conversation: We take turns discussing our (their) love triangles. This lasts a while. We debate pros-cons. I offer advise, then change the subject. It veers back to the triangles. I snap and tell them to quit whining & pick their respective "bad boys," and the rest of the night is very fun.
  13. Crosby Braverman, Parenthood
    Location: Cool Berkeley bar with a "regular" who picks the perfect tunes on the jukebox. Conversation: Family, the stresses of life, and the soothing effects of good music, company, and beer.
  14. The Characters of Cheers
    Location: Duh. Conversation: Small talk. I sit to the right of Cliff & Norm, keeping pace with their beer intake, and silently enjoying the feeling that everybody knows my name.