Inspired by @Larry 's list of towns he would NOT like to live in, all I could think about was my lifelong dream to find a Stars Hollow of my own...
  1. Stars Hollow, CT (Gilmore Girls)
    The coziness little town in the whole damn world.
  2. Dillon, Texas (Friday Night Lights)
    Clear eyes, full hearts, make out with Riggins.
  3. Pawnee, IN (Parks & Rec)
    I have the guidebook so I know for a fact if never be bored.
  4. Agrestic, CA (Weeds)
    *Season 1, mostly. I think it'd be kind of nice knowing someone's mom was selling you weed and not that guy-who-just-graduated's-older-brother-who-doesn't-have-a-reason-to-be-back-from-college-but-don't-ask-about-it
  5. Capeside, MA
    The setting responsible for all my childhood notions that the most romantic times of my life would be on a dock, near a creek, on a ladder to get to my male best friend's window, etc...
  6. Everwood, CO
    Picturesque, lots of angst and drama, but also some small town people I think I could get pretty tight with.
  7. Smallville, KS
    No brainer, Superman grew up there.
  8. Bon Temps, LA
    Dark and scary, in a very sexy way. I would not love this forever, but I would probably enjoy it as an interlude between Dillon and Stars Hollow to shake it up a little.