I haven't been anyone but myself, so maybe the average person cries for all of these, but it seems like my emotions are overly heightened in each of these instances...
  1. Movies that feature a redemption storyline
    So like, all of em
  2. Kids doing really nice things for each other, and they don't even know an adult is watching
    As a camp counselor, saw a 9-year old hang back to comfort the new girl who clearly hadn't found a friend yet; ran into the cabin to choke back proud tears
  3. Seeing fathers doing their daughter's hair
    Gets me every single time and I have no idea why
  4. Telethons
    I say I won't watch them but then I do and I cry in sad silence for the [cause] that deserves money
  5. Standing ovations at "proud" moments of award shows.
    I still tear up watching the clip of the 2011 Emmys Lead Actress in a Comedy Nominees doing their beauty pageant bit and getting a standing ovation. Also recognition of talented women independently makes me cry.
  6. Wicked
    Pretty much constant tears from "I'm Not That Girl" through "For Good"
  7. Award shows with performances that highlight social problems and injustice
    See: clutching a pillow blinking fast so others think I am maybe just getting teary-eyed but would be full-blown crying if alone
  8. Toasts
    Of any kind, but especially ones that seem comedic in a playful-ribbing way that wrap up sweetly. Is there a name for that toast-genre?
  9. The moment at the wedding when the groom sees the bride
    And then every moment after that
  10. Watching the winning team pose for the championship photo
    Exception: will not shed a single happy tear for Ohio State throughout the duration of my lifetime.