Inspired by the deep, sinking feeling I get when the guy who caused the penalty skates out of the box, head down, too guilty to make eye contact with his teammates.
  1. Being a goalie in any sport
    I actually know for a fact I can't handle this at any level of play; I was the goalie of my 4th grade soccer team and held back tears EVERY time anyone scored on me. I held back tears often. Except when I let the game-ending goal in during the playoffs: then I instantly cried and didn't stop for an hour.
  2. Missing the free-throw that loses the game
  3. Striking out with two outs, bottom of the ninth, tying run on base
  4. Watching the other team score a power play goal from the penalty box.
  5. Dropping the game-winning touchdown pass in the endzone
  6. Missing the game-tying extra point
  7. Missing any extra point ever
  8. Missing any field goal shorter than 40 yard
  9. Blowing the lead during my portion of a relay race during the Olympics
  10. Missing a penalty shot in a World Cup game
    Suggested by @ncalifano