On a hypothetical trip to Pawnee, here are the most important spots. No character's house counts, because I would be couch surfing at each of them.
  1. JJ's Diner
  2. Snakehole Lounge
    Also, obviously.
  3. Pawnee Commons
    What was once a pit is now a beautiful park. A must-see.
  4. City Hall
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    I have been here. It was amazing. For the purposes of this list, let's just say this is the exact replica building in Pasadena, CA.
  5. Ramsett Park
    It has its own song! "You got your park right here, its name is Ramsett Park, and its gates are open from dawn til dark!"
  6. Tom's Bistro
  7. Pawnee Today studio
    To meet Joan Calamezzo, duh.
  8. The Bulge
  9. Smallest Park
  10. Wamapoke Casino
  11. WPWN Radio Station
    To meet Crazy Ira & the Douche.
  12. Harvey James Park
    For the movie nights!
  13. Lafayette Park
    Home of the border-turned-baseball fence between the former Pawnee and Eagleton.
  14. Sweetum's Factory
  15. Pawnee Zoo
    I don't even love zoos, but this is the home of Pawnee's first gay penguin wedding, so this is culturally and socially significant.
  16. Food 'n Stuff
  17. The Quiet Corn B&B
    I'd skip it if I ran out of time.
  18. Pawnee Library
    ...just to TP it.