The show literally has "men" in the title but the ladies are the actual best.
  1. Peggy Olson:
    One of the overt feminist icons of the show, but this list is about sharing the spotlight so let's keep Peggy's praise concise: deals with stupid, lazy, drunk, arrogant, sexist, and kind of gross people on a daily basis and mostly keeps her shit together. Plus she carried Pete's kid and let's be cool, that can't have been an easy pregnancy. Mad Woman Badass.
  2. Joan (Holloway) Harris:
    Joan is probably the smartest and coolest character on the show: has to deal with people talking about her chest all day and gets edged out by lesser people (mostly men) all series-long, but gives the REALEST advice and does whatever the fuck she feels like doing. #1 Badass.
  3. Sally Draper:
    My favorite character maybe of all time. Not into her choices re: smoking at like, age 9, but she is the perfect combination of moody, mature, and misunderstood. New Generation Badass.
  4. Betty (Draper) Francis:
    Say what you will about Betty, but the scene in the yard with the BB gun is maybe my favorite scene in the history of anything because my mom always threatened to get a BB gun to shoot the deer who ate her flowers. I related. Badass.
  5. Dawn:
    Head of Personnel, has to take racist and sexist bullshit on the regular, and probably the most capable office administrator of the while show. Truly badass.
  6. Megan Draper:
    Honestly I never got onboard with Megan, but any lady who has the courage to sing Zou Bisou Bisou in front of a room of people earns my respect, even if watching it made me supremely uncomfortable. French-Canadian Badass.
  7. Ida Blankenship:
    Objectively, the greatest character name in the history of cinema. Elderly Badass.
  8. Trudy Campbell:
    Best wife on the show. Doesn't put up with Pete's bullshit and demands to be treated like a partner and not an accessory. Badass.
  9. Allison:
    Poor Allison. Rule #1 sweetheart: don't fuck with Don Draper, literally or figuratively. Redemption: throwing a lighter at him. Scorned-Woman Badass.
  10. Shirley
    Besties w/ Dawn, funny, and got flowers at work and wasn't afraid to call Peggy on that weird ass misunderstanding. Badass.
  11. Anna Draper:
    Allows Don to live a lie, so basically she's the reason we get to watch Don Draper's life and not Dick Whitman's. Well, really Matthew Weiner is the reason because these people are fictional creations. But, Badass.
  12. Hildy:
    Another secretary falls prey to her employer's advances, but honestly I'm kind of weirdly into Harry Crane sometimes so I can't say I wouldn't have fallen, too. Kind of Badass.
  13. Meredith:
    Basically every one of her lines is a punchline. Comedic Badass.