My lists are largely about pop culture. This week, I will only post lists related to gun violence and control.
  1. Why was this the one I can't let go? Why can't I concentrate on anything else?
  2. Why aren't we all FREAKING the FUCK OUT?
  3. Why aren't we terrified that the next attack will be in our town?
    Nearly every state has seen a mass shooting this year. This problem knows no geographic bound.
  4. What will it take to get Congress to act?
  5. Why isn't this a NO-BRAINER bi-partisan issue?
  6. Do pro-gun lobbyists think they are somehow less likely to be shot by someone who wants to shoot them?
  7. Even if they are carrying a weapon, are pro-gun lobbyists prepared to duel with anyone who attempts to shoot them?
  8. How can anyone continue to deny there is a problem with our current gun laws?
  9. Why do you get to be "pro-life" and value the sanctity of human life, and a "defender of the Second Amendment" in opposing regulation of a DEADLY weapon that is used EVERY DAY to kill people?
  10. Why does every news article about gun control proposals seem to mention the NRA's interference, but the public doesn't seem to demand answers from the NRA at all?
  11. How do we still accept the response, "gun control won't eliminate all gun violence," as an answer that prevents us from enacting ANY reforms?
  12. Should we scrap the whole wearing-a-seatbelt thing and get rid of airbags because they don't prevent all car-related deaths?
  13. Should we make all drugs legal and accessible since drug laws don't prevent all people from using them?
  14. Does anyone really think laws on seatbelts and drugs serve a different purpose than proposed gun control reform?
    Because they don't. They are supposed to keep us safer. They were literally enacted to solve problems of public safety. Just like laws on gun control.
  15. Why aren't we FURIOUS that the people we elect to serve our interests aren't taking reasonable steps to keep us safe?
  16. Why don't we care more?
  17. How are we letting this happen?
  18. How have we already moved on?
  19. Why aren't we angrier?
  20. We aren't we more terrified?
  21. Why aren't we FREAKING THE FUCK OUT YET, and what will it take for us to get there?
    Historically, Americans have taken to the streets to demand political action. We have marched to oppose wars, rally for civil rights, and stand up for marginalized and oppressed groups. Thousands of people die at the hands of a gun every year and we sit quietly by, saddened but apathetic.