Or...who am I voting for?
  1. Josiah "Jed" Bartlet
    You're out of your mind if you didn't think my main man JB was gonna top this list. Greatest American president of all time with the greatest Chief of Staff of all time. Badass wife, Abbey Bartlet, MD. Country going to hell on a handbasket? Let Bartlet be Bartlet.
  2. Selina Meyers
    You guys, it might not be pretty but America would be fun as hell.
  3. Matt Santos
    Pretty sure he talked more about public education than any *candidate* on television, ever. Will never go to war for oil. Wants to get rid of the death penalty. Turned up his health care plan at the "real debate." Also his kids are real cute.
  4. David Palmer
    Uhh definitely the only President in any universe that played in a Final Four game so let's start with that. Makes decisions with no hesitation. Plagued by family grief and scandal but tell me you wouldn't feel safer with this guy in office (plus you guys, Jack Bauer)
  5. Arnie Vinick
    Not a Republican but I'm gonna break the fourth wall and say I just wanna see more Alan Alda period.
  6. Heather Dunbar
    Okay she's kind of sneaky in a way you don't always notice (because uhh Frank & Claire), but she's kind of badass and wants to take down Wall Street (sound familiar?) and she has decades of experience in constitutional law and THAT SHOULD MATTER more to us.
  7. Fitz Grant III
    Smart guy but too much Scandal (ha ha haaaa)
  8. Thomas J. Whitmore
    What a babe, you guys. What a babe.
  9. Hilary/Bernie
    Relax that's not what this list is about
  10. Frank Underwood
    You guys I love him too but come on.
  11. A turtle
  12. A fridge
  13. Anybody from the warehouse
  14. A woodchipper
  15. Kevin
  16. A candle
  17. Lord Voldemort
  18. Donal...
    Whoops, sorry, never.