1. Winner: Anthony Anderson
    I cannot imagine what it must be like seeing your own name appear as the person next to you reads your name. I teared up whatever.
  2. Loser: Modern Family
    You guys it holds a special little place in my heart too but we keep talking about the Golden Age of television we're in and this season does NOT need this kind of recognition
  3. Winner: The Americans
    Finally!! KERI!! MATTHEW!! FINALLY an Outstanding Drama nom!!!
  4. Winner: Andre Braugher
    Consistently hilarious, I could not love Cpt. Raymond Holt any more (but...)
  5. Snub: Brooklyn Nine-Nine
    Honestly what the fuck with this, maybe if we admitted to ourselves Modern Family doesn't need a nine hundredth nomination we could make room for this SOLIDLY hilarious third year sitcom. We should have seen writing nominations, and noms for Chelsea Peretti and/or Andy Samberg, too.
  6. Winners: Audra McDonald & Lily Tomlin
    I'm all over the place with these but ugh they both can do no wrong take all the awards
  7. Snub: Empire
    Still no Outstanding Drama nom or a bid for Terrance Howard
  8. Winners: Tracy Morgan, Tina Fey & Amy Poehler
    All nominated for going home to SNL, these nominations are like the cool kids from high school winning Reunion King/Queen and I love it
  9. Snub: Gina Rodriguez & Jane the Virgin
    I just started watching and it's adorable. She won the Golden Globe and has yet to be recognized at the Emmys and I don't understand.
  10. Winner: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
    Finally a nom for Ellie AND an Outstanding Comedy bid AND a renom for Tituss. PINOT NOIRS ALL AROUND. But no love for Jane AGAIN and I'm sad
  11. Snub: Girls
    I honestly thought this season was the best (okay probably second-best, that first season was unreal) but nothing
  12. Loser: comedy writers
    I LOVE both Veep and Silicon Valley and I'm so happy for their Comedy Series and acting nominations (and honestly it would have been nice to see Zach Woods, Kumail Nanjiani, or Martin Starr get a supporting actor nomination) but I hate the idea that four of the six episodes nominated for comedy writing come from two shows. And all four are great episodes but two episodes from any of the other amazing shows got bumped out for this.
  13. Winner: Game of Thrones
    You guys I actually watch now so I get it. Not sure honestly that the supporting acting categories needed ALL their nominations but I'll stay quiet on who I think deserved and didn't deserve them. If "Battle of the Bastards" doesn't win its directing nomination I won't actually understand anything
  14. Winner: Aziz Ansari
    Master of None was SO DAMN GOOD and I'm happy voters didn't forget about it despite its release much earlier in the year
  15. Winner: the lack of The Big Bang Theory
    Honestly this feels mean but I'm glad to see we're continuing to look deeper on these and I wish SOMEBODY WOULD LET THEM KNOW THEY CAN DO THE SAME RE: MODERN FAMILY HAS ANYONE HEARD ME YET. PS psyched for Laurie Metcalf and Christine Baranski for their guest noms bc I'm not a monster
  16. Snub: Sons of Anarchy
    My cousin is obsessed w this and has already texted some brutal anger so I'll include this here but I don't watch it so idk
  17. Winner: Allison Janney
    I had to type "Janney" six different times just there because my phone autocorrects it to JANNEY because I am always screaming her name. Two different acting nominations for her and I wish I had her phone number so I could text her a congrats so I'm putting that out to the universe so maybe someone will hook that up
  18. Winner: Lauren Graham
    Not nominated but just seeing her read names is a treat for us all
  19. Winner: the American television-viewing public
    Honestly you guys it's true we are living in a golden age and also it's nice to see the Emmys better reflect the diverse pool of talent that exists in Hollywood but along those lines how is Constance Wu not getting more attention??
  20. Snub: Superstore
    This isn't actually serious because it was a mid-season, 11-ep first run but I'm putting here so that if and when it is snubbed next year we remember this
  21. Winner: The People v. OJ Simpson
    All right I'm gonna watch it I get it it's amazing. Tons of acting nominations including one for Ross Geller and I know I missed the boat on this but I'll have it watched by Emmy broadcast
  22. HUGE SURPRISES: No love for Orange is the New Black at all?? Stephen Colbert (I thought that was borderline automatic??)
    Also, not a surprise but sad: Rachel Bloom getting the Gina Rodriguez treatment, winning the GG and failing to get an Emmy bid
  23. Snubs: Parenthood, Amy Poehler, and Steve Carrell
    Yeah I get it Katie you're living in the past but I'm still not over them and maybe never will be.