1. Toby Ziegler, The West Wing
    Great political mind, loves the Yankees, and clearly gets flirting (see: interactions w/ CJ).
  2. Pete Hornberger, 30 Rock
    Dude just wants to be in the background, but I see you, Pete.
  3. Abed, Community
    I actually think we would be so happy together. He could remind me of the TV trivia I can't remember and I would embrace his urge to make everything cinematic.
  4. Sean Blumberg, Felicity
    I don't even care that it's possible he does some shady shit to afford that unreal loft. And I know he ends up happy, but when he got friend-zoned hard by Julie, I felt for him.
  5. Ray Ploshansky, Girls
    Self-assured, pulls super hot girls, but at the end of the day is just your average, down-to-earth coffee shop manager.
  6. Morgan Tookers, The Mindy Project
    Super into his ladies, enjoys being bossed around, will watch whatever I want, makes me laugh.
  7. Hurley, Lost
    Say what you will about Jack or Sawyer. Hurley is the sweetest fucking dude out there, plus I took an online quiz that said he would be my match on the island.
  8. Louie, Louie
    Oversight that he was not on original list. I love Louis CK AND Louie. I am saddened by this error.