1. Broad City
    What the ACTUAL FUCK.
  2. The Mindy Project
    This past season was absolutely its strongest. How it received no nominations, especially for Rhea Perlman in the guest spot or @IkeBarinholtz or @mindy in the acting or writing categories is BEYOND ME.
  3. Parenthood
    It was the last season and yet again received not a SINGLE nomination in any category, lest of all Best Drama Series. EMMY VOTERS YOU HAD ONE JOB.
  4. Brooklyn Nine-Nine
    List forthcoming on the Reasons You Should Be Watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine, as they are too numerous for this list
  5. The Americans
    The injustice that is the constant underrating of Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys is OVERWHELMING.
  6. Empire
    Uhhh how bout we take out Homeland or Downton Abbey for like the 3rd year too long (p.s. I'm not a hater because I love them both).