1. Waffles, Friends, Work
    According to Leslie Knope, Parks & Rec
  2. Breakfast & Family
    According to the Bluths, Arrested Development
  3. Tasty Waves & a Cool Buzz
    According to Jeff Spicoli, Fast Times at Ridgemont High
  4. Friends, Children, His Comedy Albums
    According to Michael Scott, The Office (I mean, he has a yacht, so obviously he did pretty well, money-wise)
  5. Sandwiches
    According to Liz Lemon and Joey Tribbiani, 30 Rock and Friends, respectively
  6. Clear eyes & Full hearts
    According to Coach Taylor, Friday Night Lights
  7. Love & Second Chances
    According to most Hugh Grant movies
  8. The Relationship You Have With Yourself
    According to Carrie Bradshaw, Sex & the City
  9. Fate
    According to Nora Ephron movies
  10. DO NOT talk about Fight Club
    According to the Rules of Fight Club