I'm not rebellious by nature. I love "Thunder Road" because it makes me wistful for a HYPOTHETICAL time in my life I could have been sneaking out & jumping fences. THAT'S how into the rules I am. However, these "TV I Watched With My Parents" lists jogged my memory of a few shows I definitely did NOT watch with my (sweet/well-intentioned) parents.
  1. Sex & the City
    I get it, though, Mom. I'm sorry.
  2. The Sopranos
    It was filmed in my childhood town. I tried to use this as justification for 12-year old Me to watch it. I got back a firm "absolutely not."
  3. Daria
    "Why is she so pissy all the time? Turn this off, I don't want you turning prematurely unpleasant."
  4. Beavis & Butthead
    "This is so dumb. So stupid. Okay that laugh is really funny. Turn this off."
  5. Anything on MTV (pre-13)
    All it took was ONE badly timed Trojan ad during TRL one day and my mom laid the hammer down. Until around 7th grade, then she just gave up.