Speaks more to my personality probably than the sweetness of these gestures.
  1. Jim buys a house for Pam in The Office.
    Jim Halpert is the Gold Standard, but I would definitely want to be part of the house-buying process and would be kind of annoyed if my fiancée did it without me.
  2. Max gives Lorelei a thousand daisies when he proposes to her, from Gilmore Girls.
    I get & love that Max took Lorelei's words literally, but I have a *thing* about flowers, so I would have ruined this moment by yelling at him for spending such an absurd amount of money on daisies that will die soon, and my allergies would have ruined the rest of the day anyway.
  3. Patrick Demsey's character takes Reese Witherspoon's character to buy a ring after-hours at Tiffany's in Sweet Home Alabama.
    There is something kind of sweet thinking about someone trying to figure out what kind of ring I would like, rather than me picking it out myself. But also what do I know, I have been proposed to 0.00 times.
  4. Fitz shows Olivia the dream house he built for her in Vermont in Scandal.
    The house is sort of unreal (although, see #1 re: buying homes) but also nahh not into making jam or thinking about my dream life with my married POTUS boyfriend.
  5. Mark shows up at Juliet's door with cue cards in Love Actually.
    So I obviously love this scene because I am not a robot, but if I were Juliet, I'd be freaking the fuck out the whole time. What if my newlywed husband came to the door? He is like 20 feet away! Too stressful.
  6. Seth stands on a table in the high school cafeteria and demands Summer acknowledge their relationship or lose him forever.
    I would be pretty into this now, although I am not really an ultimatum kind of lady, but it is very sweet in a nerdy Seth Cohen way that I appreciate. In high school this would have been terrifying, I was not a Summer and would have gotten real weird about it.
  7. Jack sketches Rose in the nude in Titanic.
    Noooope. Awwwwwkward, not down.
  8. When Lloyd shows up blasting "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel outside Diane's window.
    Arguably one of the most romantic scenes of any movie, but that song is arguably one of the most annoying. P.S. I am picturing this happening to me, song and all, and I guess I don't hate it because again, I am not a robot.