1. Ms. Connor
    10th and 11th grade math- always said "and that" at the end of every sentence, which was kind of annoying; a stickler for notation and silence; pretty effective at teaching trig, analytical geometry, and precalc to students who were used to being right without working hard
  2. Mrs. Sinclair
    12th grade calculus- this woman is a saint. Sure, she taught me the basics of derivation which got me through an Econ degree at a prestigious research institution, but more importantly she somehow managed the abominable in class behavior of several shithead 17 yo boys who were also in our homeroom.
  3. Omid Safi
    Modern Islamic Society professor second semester freshman year. It was a medium sized lecture (~50 people) and I was a mediocre student, so I doubt he remembers me, but he spoke with grace and humor about all kinds of things. Really made me a more critical thinker when it comes to news/advertising messages, esp wrt religious & racial "differences". Inspiring at vigil for three Muslim students shot last spring (no religion has words for this). Also want to tell him about playing vball w Iranians
  4. Mike Aguilar
    Great teacher. Sorry I dropped the ball on the fiscal challenge project
  5. Nina Martin
    Even though urban geog disappeared from my main interests, still loved your class and your support as I wrote my surf proposal. Def made me more conscious of urban issues, more thoughtful voter
  6. Clark grey
    Forced me to teach myself how to read academic papers quickly and for the important content