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  1. Jumping your turn on the agenda
    Or worse... Not having an agenda.
  2. Feeling the need to comment. on. everything.
  3. Assuming everyone wants to hear the backstory on what you did, why you did it, how you did it... when really all we need to know is: "That thing I was supposed to do... Done."
  4. Realizing at the end that no one took minutes and I'm the only one who took notes at all.
Heat. Flavor. Richness.
  1. Yassa ginaar
    Caramelized onion sauce with marinated grilled chicken served over rice with lime juice
  2. Thieboudienne
    National dish! A distant cousin of paella, but better. Fish and vegetables over the most flavorful rice ever. And hot piment sauce.
  3. Thiebouyapp
    Boneless beef chunks and vegetables over flavorful rice
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Common courtyard for our building in Dakar, Senegal. The fun never stops.
  1. A long strand of cassette tape
  2. Neem tree leaves
  3. Empty water bags
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Surviving the school breaks and having fun with the kiddos! From Senegal Daily blog.
  1. Share a crêpe at Noflaye beach.
  2. Take the pirogue over to Ngor Island. Stay for a Coke and a walk around, or spend the whole day splashing around and eating brochettes de whatever et frites.
  3. Rent a horse cart for a ride around the neighborhood.
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What are these?? And why no latte emoji?
  1. 🗣 sneeze?
  2. 🎍bamboo shoots?
  3. 🎋bamboo with flag?
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From Senegal Daily blog
  1. Walk up 'the hill' to the Phare des Mamelles lighthouse.
  2. Watch the sunset from the westernmost tip of Africa.
  3. Buy fabric (or bine-bine belly beads) at HLM market.
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