1. "It Was a Dark and Stormy Night" - "Once Upon a Time"
    Oooh gimme dark and stormy!
  2. Borrow - Buy
    For someone who loves and has worked in libraries, I am terrible at using them. I will borrow from friends, but more often will binge buy books then spend a while working through them before acquiring new books.
  3. Bookstore - Online
    I try to support indie bookstores when I can, but sometimes the prices online are too good to beat. Also, several of my favorite small presses aren't widely distributed, and are almost exclusively available online.
  4. Read the Review - Decide for Yourself
    I would say that there's still a significant amount of deciding even after reading the review, but I do tend to avoid very in-depth reviews until after I've read the book. But I do rely on the opinions of a few trusted friends and bloggers when deciding whether to buy a book.
  5. Audiobook - Book in Hand
    Book in hand. I usually only listen to audiobooks on road trips as I'm cursed with the inability to read in a moving vehicle.
  6. Paperback - Hardcover
    Paperbacks all the way. They're cheaper and, because I'm a monster to my books, I don't feel so bad when they get a bit beat up. But I will treat myself to a nice hardcover of a favorite every once in a while ;)
  7. Physical Book - Ebook
    It depends on what/where/when I'm reading. For the most part I read physical books, but I like to keep a few books on my phone or tablet if I'm stranded without a book. I definitely prefer physical books if I'm there's an index or footnotes, but I do take advantage of the dictionary feature if I'm reading digitally. I usually read graphic novels and comics in physical form.
  8. Kindle - Nook - Other
    I used to have a Kindle, but lately I've been reading more on my phone and tablet, both through the Kindle Reader and 3rd party apps (I love Moon Reader).
  9. Series - Standalone Novel
    I typically go for standalone novels, but am known to get wrapped up in particualrly compelling series :)
  10. Monster Read - Short & Sweet
    I'm drawn to brevity in most things, but I read several books at a time and at least one of them will be pretty long.
  11. One at a Time - All at Once
    I read 3 to 5 books at a time, of different genres and in different formats.
  12. Alphabetize - Randomize
    I used to be very particular about how I organized my books, but after years of dorm and apartment living I'll shelve them however they'll fit!
  13. Curl up Indoors - Bathe in the Sun
    I'm certainly more of an indoor person, but can be coaxed outside when a pool or beach is close at hand :D
  14. Morning - Afternoon - Night
    I do most of my reading at night.
  15. Dust Jacket - No Dust Jacket
    I hate dust jackets. The few hardcovers I own (that aren't special editions or signed) sit on my shelves naked.
  16. Dogears - Bookmarks
    I am notorious for dogearing my books--but only my own books.
  17. Breaking the Spine - Barely Opening
    Books are meant to be read, and are ephemeral objects by nature. So no, I don't feel bad about getting a bit of satisfaction from a freshly cracked spine!
  18. Fiction - Nonfiction
    I usually gravitate towards fiction, but I'm trying to change that this year.
  19. Adult - Young Adult
    Adult. I have nothing against YA and enjoy reading it sometimes, but I rarely seek it out. That said, when audiobooking I do prefer YA or short, not too dense novels.
  20. Character-Driven - Plot-Driven
  21. 1st Person - 3rd Person
    I usually prefer 3rd person simply because 1st person can be difficult to do well. But when I do find an excellent 1st person novel, it's just that much more satisfying.
  22. Fantasy - Realistic Setting
    Depends on my mood. I do love fantasy, but sometimes I want a book that deals with issues up front and without being cloaked in allegory.
  23. Romance - Action
    I would say that a certain amount of action is essential to any plot, while romance...is not as necessary to me.
  24. Keep - Throw Away - Sell
    I NEVER throw away books. Even if I hated it, someone else might love it! I keep most books I buy, but if I have to I'll sell or donate them.
  25. Tidy Ending - Cliffhanger
    If it's a standalone novel I prefer a tidy ending, even an ambiguous one. I'm okay with cliffhangers in series simply because I know it will probably get resolved at some point.