1. 4: Artist
    This was before I learned to write.
  2. 5: Whale
    I actually asked my mom if she would make me a whale costume for Halloween. She said no.
  3. 6-10: Astronaut
    If you asked me during elementary school what I wanted to be when I grew up I would have said this. I had books about astronomy & my dad bought a telescope so we could look at the moon up close. Also Saturn. And Haley's comet. It was awesome.
  4. 11-13: Teacher
    I loved my teachers. I would help them set up their classrooms & plan projects over the summer & during breaks. I am Facebook friends with my 4th grade teacher who I firmly believe is one of the badassest ladies on the planet.
  5. 14-18: Journalist
    Lol this isn't really a thing anymore. In high school I did a program with the local newspaper where we shadowed reporters, editors & graphic designers and wrote our own special issue of the newspaper. Now all those people we shadowed are unemployed. No one told me that the livejournal I was keeping at the time was closer to what I would be doing in the future than anything I saw at the paper.
  6. 18-21: Who knows?
    I was in college. I did assistant teaching, writing, and editing but the real world felt very far away.
  7. 22-25: Professor
    I was in grad school. Research was fun. As was the idea of living in the college environment forever. I went to an idyllic liberal arts school in a town that felt like Stars Hollow so I don't blame myself for wanting that. But academia was not the right place for me. When one of my profs told me I was a 'dupe of capitalism' I knew it was time to move into marketing.
  8. 26-present: Marketer
    This is what I am now and I love it and I'm good at it and sometimes you just know when you've found the right thing. I can design, write, research and teach, so it's kind of the perfect combination of all my past ambitions. Sorry for the cheese fest but this is the truth.