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She recently expressed that she's not sure if she is. I feel that. I often think that about myself. But I'm here to help combat that bad feeling!
  1. She rescues cats.
    SO MANY! I've never met anyone with such a penchant for rescuing animals and finding homes so efficiently. Last year, we ended up cat sitting, fostering, or housing something like 11 cats, and the year before it was closer to 16. Plus, in 2014 she raised over $1500 for PAWS, an animal shelter. #Boss
  2. She's honest, but not blunt (unless needed).
    I continually admire her ability to tell people the truth and not apologize, and still manage to maintain a positive flow to conversations. As a people pleaser, I still have yet to master asking for what I want and being honest without apologies. Plus, she's honest about herself, and who she is, even if she doesn't always feel like she is being authentic.
  3. She's HELLA SMART!
    Whether it's a business question, or asking for a list of Michael Farraday's biggest scientific achievements, Colleen knows so much. It's not that dumb people can't be good people, but Colleen seeks out knowledge in everything she does. Crazy headline on her newsfeed? She'll find an unbiased article to get the full picture. She shares her intelligence for the greater good.
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I listened to some fantastic music on my walk home from work, and I needed to share.
  1. I love music
    I've embraced my love for pop music, but I love all kinds.
  2. And wanted to share with y'all
  3. "Shake the Room by Gamu
    This is so catchy, I can't stand it. Think Janelle Monae mixed with a tiny bit of Megan Trainor for more pop. She's apparently from The X Factor. Warning: you may dance in the street.
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I'm way too indulgent. You too? (AKA why I'm chubby)
  1. Ice cream
    Holy shit I could eat it all day.
  2. Pizza
    MY WORLD 😍
  3. Chocolate
    Thanks, beans.
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They're hailed as great and amazing, but don't interest me in the least.
  1. Breaking Bad
    Watched three episodes and was bored to tears. Alas, he'll still be Hal from Malcolm in the Middle. Aaron Paul is cool though.
  2. Modern Family
    Guys I tried like, 3/4 of the first season and was actively annoyed at the show. The sassy GIFs are enough for me. Plus I saw that blonde actress on a talk show talking about how much she makes fun of her kids and idk maybe don't say that on TV.
  3. The Walking Dead
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  3. Is it a boy? A girl? Gender neutral is always good.
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  1. WHY
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SNOTACUS is a magical cat owned by my roommate @ColleenJoyful and who I basically own as well. He has a chronic runny nose for which we tried all solutions, but he's just snotty. He also talks wiv a wisp.
  1. Ice cream
    "Weally, Kate Hoomin?!"
  2. Peanut butter
    "But you wuv it!" Love you more, Snootacris.
  3. Pizza
    "Oh dats nice. But I wike deh boxesth."
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None of that classy shit. The definitive ranking to end all rankings.
  1. 1.
    Fuck yeah, this is basically the Meryl Streep of noodles. Classy, elegant, and hasn't won enough Oscars.
  2. 2.
    When you need to mix things up a little. Also when you have filet mignon taste with a dollar store budget.
  3. 3.
    Orienta.....what the fuck?
    Racist as shit.
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Today I had stomach issues and it was Monday. But here are three things that weren't sucky....
  1. I got free pizza.
    Despite this making said stomach issues worse, I got delicious pizza which is a win. If I ever turn down pizza, you should call an ambulance or an exorcist.
  2. The lunchroom was completely empty for about 3 minutes today.
    I love my coworkers, but sometimes my introversion takes over and I crave silence. Our office is currently overcrowded and full of passionate people, so it was a rare moment of bliss. However, I do love some lunch conversations and my 1:30 lunch crew.
  3. The bodega across the street now takes credit cards.
    If you're hella lazy and never carry cash like me, you'll know this is FANTASTIC news.
Gracie was born on January 27th, 2016, to my brother and sister-in-law. She is now the successful owner of 3 businesses, has a line of hair accessories, and speaks 4 languages. She also has a big belly and her eyebrows turn red when she's annoyed.
  1. Teaching my aunt how to ride a bike is exhausting.
  2. I rolled over after I made my first million.
  3. Bunny is my co-founder. He is soft and my best friend.
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