Music for your walk home

I listened to some fantastic music on my walk home from work, and I needed to share.
  1. I love music
    I've embraced my love for pop music, but I love all kinds.
  2. And wanted to share with y'all
  3. "Shake the Room by Gamu
    This is so catchy, I can't stand it. Think Janelle Monae mixed with a tiny bit of Megan Trainor for more pop. She's apparently from The X Factor. Warning: you may dance in the street.
  4. "War Paint" - Fletcher
    This makes me want to literally put war paint on and fuck shit up, but also be in a music video.
  5. "Come Downstairs and Say Hello" - Guster
    THE GREATEST BAND EVER! Also Gus's full name is Guster and it's amazing.
  6. "Running Behind" - HOLYCHILD
    A little less poppy, but super fun and weird. Also: hand claps in any song is 💯. Running running running running running behind....
  7. "Drive" - The Well Pennies
    When I hear this song, I'm pretty much transported to a field of daffodils. When I need a good pick-me-up, this is what I put on. You'll be hooked in the first 3 seconds.
  8. "Geronimo" - Sheppard
    This video is weeeird, but the song has an OK Go feel with a more mainstream beat, kind of also reminds me of "Pompeii" by Bastille.
  9. "Jayou" - Jurassic 5
    I'm a pretty self-conscious, short, white girl who normally abides by society's norms and minds her business. But if Jurassic 5 comes on and I'm in public, I lose my shit and start mouth-rapping along, unless the situation calls for actual rapping out loud. That's how amazing Jurassic 5 is. Sry not sry
  10. "Somethin' Bad" - Miranda Lambert ft Carrie Underwood
    I don't really listen to Miranda Lambert or enjoy her music usually, but CARRIE SLAYS! I love her so much. And this song brings out my inner country girl (who barely exists, and usually only comes out for Garth and Martina McBride)
  11. "Faded" - SoulDecision
    GUYS. Have you been searching for a late 90s pop song with a ridiculously creepy set of lyrics, sung by a guy with bleached blond hair?! SEARCH NO MORE! This is one of those awful songs that stayed around from my teen years but ITS SO FUN TO WALK TO!
  12. A lot more Jurassic 5
    Kmesk likes her rap.