Like many people, I tend to be pretty gung-ho for a week or so then stop. Below are a list of hobbies/projects I've started (meaning I've purchased things towards their completion) but haven't done anything since.
  1. Biking
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    Bought a helmet. No bike.
  2. Becoming an Uber driver
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    Car mount and background check are ready. Haven't gotten out on the road.
  3. Learning Arabic.
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    Took lessons for a few weeks. Bought a text book. Haven't done anything since.
  4. Blue Apron
    Religious for a few weeks then just wasted food. Perhaps destroying any good that came from the first few meals.
  5. Sandwich blog
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    A name, Instagram, and tumblr have been created. And that is all.
  6. Writing in a journal
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  7. Fixing my bathroom floor
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  8. This list.