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  1. He's getting good that this
  2. Raising a little narcissist
  3. No way this isn't damaging...
  1. Bulletin board ideas, this sucks
  2. I used to shop for expensive shoes. For myself.
  3. This.
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Watching Charlie dog sleep on my bed, twitching in dreamland...
  1. Going for a walk.
    The walk we went on today was so great I just have to relive it. Sniff, sniff, pee.
  2. Chasing bunnies.
    Ahhhh, there's a bunny in the backyard. Must. Chase. It.
  3. Chasing groundhogs.
    See chasing bunnies, only more gruesome.
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  1. Is that a contraction? Every little ache and pain, every time. And no, it's not.
  2. Do I remember what it's like to be comfortable? No, no I do not.
  3. Should I repack the hospital bags? Amazon is suggesting I order peri pads. What is that and do I need it?
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Sometime in 1994, this band blew up and my early teen self fell in love...still my favoritest band ever!
  1. The Stone, BTCS, the best from this musically, lyrically brilliant album, plus Bela Fleck.
  2. Rhyme & Reason, UTTAD, the song that pulled me into this band.
  3. Recently, Live at Red Rocks version, Sunshine on My Shoulders intro...
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Most of my pictures are of my dog...
  1. Charlie, the day I brought him home.
  2. Charlie and his super huge paws.
  3. Love is a dog.
It took a long while to get back to start...
  1. A teacher, age 5
  2. A soap opera star, age 7
  3. A nun, age 9
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