Sometime in 1994, this band blew up and my early teen self fell in love...still my favoritest band ever!
  1. The Stone, BTCS, the best from this musically, lyrically brilliant album, plus Bela Fleck.
  2. Rhyme & Reason, UTTAD, the song that pulled me into this band.
  3. Recently, Live at Red Rocks version, Sunshine on My Shoulders intro...
  4. Say Goodbye, Crash, no denying the talent of Roi!
  5. Pantala Naga Pampa --> Rapunzel, BTCS, what makes this album the best.
  6. Raven, Lillywhite Sessions --> Busted Stuff, literally listening to how genius works.
  7. Sweet, AFTW, see, I like new stuff, getting back to their roots.
  8. #36, Listener Supported, really , this entire album, but this sets the progression for Everyday, so chill.